AutoMod Cell File Format

AutoMod is a simulation software system geared towards the modeling of material handling systems and is developed by Applied Materials, Inc. It employs a proprietary 3D scene graph and an accompanying file format, termed the "cell" file format. This file format encodes the AutoMod scene graph, supporting a number of graphics primitives, kinematic motion and linked or embedded graphics in other formats. The objective of this document is to describe the cell file format in detail, in order to support the development of cell file tools such as editors, parsers, converters, etc. It is not an objective of this document to describe how to organize the encoding of a 3D image into cell primitives. Cell files are used to store the graphic representations of AutoMod elements such as Loads, Vehicles, Resources, Queues, Blocks and Static Systems. They can exist as stand-alone files, with extensions of ".cell" (preferred), ".cel", ".prim" or ".pri", or embedded within AutoMod system archive files, with extensions of ".asy" (preferred) or ".asys". Note that cell files do not store kinematic configurations or paths; only kinematic joint information is stored within the cell file. This document is based in part upon the official, but incomplete, AutoMod documentation supplied with the software up to release 7.8. From release 8.0 onwards, descriptions of the cell file format have been omitted from AutoMod manuals. In that time, a number of changes have been made to the file format, chiefly to support the TGS OpenInventor scene graph library that AutoMod has used to implement VR Graphics versions of the cell scene graph since release 10.0; Standard Graphics versions are based upon a custom scene graph engine based upon OpenGL or IrisGL (Silicon Graphics versions only).