Announcements from the Facsimile project.

Facsimile Development Has Moved To GitHub

The Facsimile project has relocated its development resources to GitHub from SourceForge and LaunchPad. We have found GitHub to be a superior development hosting site, that simplifies many project management issues while encouraging greater participation from the simulation community.

Follow Us on Twitter

The Facsimile project now has a Twitter feed! Click the link below to follow us for news about releases, blog posts and other announcements.

Facsimile Project Adopts GPLv3

The Facsimile project has adopted the newly released GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 for all future releases.

Facsimile was previously distributed under version 2 of the GPL.

Bug & Support Tracking Moving To Launchpad

The Facsimile project is moving its bug and support tracking to the Launchpad site.

This will enable Facsimile to integrate it's bug and support tracking to other open-source projects upon which it depends, as well as to projects that depend upon Facsimile, and will also allow bug information to be tied to specific releases/builds.

The Facsimile Launchpad site is located at:

Facsimile Project Is Born!

Back in mid 2000, a project called "gpdes3d" - general purpose, discrete-event simulation in 3D (catchy, eh?) was founded on SourceForge. Whether it was the forgettable name, the lack of time available to the project manager (and chief architect/coder/dogsbody), or whatever, this project never quite got off the ground.

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