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Use these forums - pick whichever you feel is the most appropriate - to discuss your simulation issues.

Are you unsure how to conduct a simulation study? Do you require advice on how to prevent your projects from spinning out of control? Please feel free to post your problems here. If you are able to offer other users the benefits of your experience, please feel free to help them out with their issues here.

Struggling with a modeling or coding issue? If so, please feel free to post your queries here. If you're interested in helping your fellow developers, then feel free to browse through these problems and offer assistance where you can.

Do you have an issue relating to the accuracy of the statistics that your simulation is reporting? Or perhaps you are unsure how to interpret your results? Maybe you'd like advice on how to ensure that your simulation is meeting its objectives? Please feel free to post your questions here. If you are able to assist your fellow modelers with any of these problems, please feel free to share your wisdom post answers.