Facsimile Development Has Moved To GitHub

The Facsimile project has relocated its development resources to GitHub from SourceForge and LaunchPad. We have found GitHub to be a superior development hosting site, that simplifies many project management issues while encouraging greater participation from the simulation community.

As part of the migration, the project has switched to using the git distributed version control system to mange project source files. The project's entire commit history has been transferred to our new git repository. The old Subversion repository is currently still available, but is no longer being updated will be removed shortly.

In addition, our issue-tracking system has migrated to our GitHub issue tracker. The new system allows us to tightly integrate issue tracking with the source repository. The old Launchpad issue tracker has been shut down.

As the Facsimile Project lurches back into full-on development, we hope that you will find the new environment to your liking!


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